Lucky Cigarette Case

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Our screen-printed cases are like a second skin for your cigarette box, so you don't have to look at this shocking images. It is made out of "vegan leather" which is just slang for paper mixed with plastic. This material is really strong, even when it gets wet, so If it gets dirty you can just rub the dirt off with a wet towel. AMAZING. I mean it was in the washer before I put it together. It also has a small pocket on the back where you can store the money for your next cigarettes. 

It is made for a package with 20 cigarettes but just check the size of your Box before ordering the case. It should be approximately 88x55x23mm. 

Note: cigarettes and money not included. I also don't wanna promote smoking. I don't even smoke, I just created this for my grandma. 💁


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